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80% of the worlds data is unstructured and although we have gotten good at making decisions based on structured data, significantly more value could be generated by augmenting unstructured data into the decision making process.
Our artificially intelligent system is built to understand the context of the documents, structured or unstructured, and to extract most important information out of them.
It is our goal at to democratize data using artificial intelligence and augmenting to existing processes using Machine Learning to make such processes efficient.

Powerful, yet simple

Everything has been intentionally designed to include the features you want, right where you need them - without being overly complicated.

Semantic Analysis

Get deep insights quickly

Using Natural Language Processing (NLP) we can help enterprises understand their unstructured data and turn it into searchable data

semantic comparison

Built for efficiency

Comparing two sets of data for similarity using Machine Learning (ML) and diving deep into the deviations using NLP

collaborative augmentation

Built for Collaboration

Combine unstructured data with existing systems and take an augmented approach to decision making to make the most out of your data

cloud powered

Seamless Integration

Remain in the digital realm using modules from start to end of the lifecycle, even digital signatures.

Customer centric

Brand Agnostic

White Label Solution which integrates with existing platforms to provide a seamless customer experience

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"As the managing director of one of the leading software companies in this industry, I want to set an example in the area of digitalisation and inspire my customers with innovative, future-proof solutions. as a young, up-and-coming StartUp is the ideal partner for me."
Gerd Laatz
CEO of Z.I.E.L. GmbH

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